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Dr. Faith Harding

Dr. Faith Harding BioPresidential Candidate hopeful for the PNC, Dr. Faith Harding is one of Guyana's leading political advocate for issues affecting women and children. She has always and continues to remain in the forefront in restoring the country to true democracy calling for the end to corruption, victimisation, discrimination, unemployment among a number of issues facing the people of Guyana.

Because of Dr. Harding’s unwavering passion and commitment to national issues, she continues to tirelessly work towards addressing youth and women related issues. Dr Harding was born on October 5, 1947 to proud parents Egbert and Beryl Blackmore. Faith is the sixth child of a very closely knitted family which consist of three brothers and a similar number of sisters.

From a very tender age Faith displayed a love for academics and so it was by no surprised or accident that she excelled academically.  She attended St. Ambrose and St. Stephen’s primary schools and British Guiana Education Trust High School and was an enthusiastic learner who enjoyed English Language, English Literature, Religious Knowledge, History and reading Nancy Drew books.

Exhibiting a love and passion for reading, young Faith demonstrated this in her ability to read various books. Her personal motto “readers are leaders’ was a great aid to her. Fascinated with the power of words and their meanings, at 9, she emphatically encouraged her friends to increase their vocabulary on a daily basis. Further intrigued by one of her aunts who wrote poems; she gained a deep love and appreciation of poems and even participated on radio programs, ‘Ovaltine and the Teenagers Choice’.


When she entered high school she also excelled in a number of areas. An early appreciation for creative writing and public speaking encouraged Faith to pursue academic achievements from a tender age. This, Faith later told persons was because she was taught the importance of education at a very early age and developed a strong desire to increase her skills in the “helping and caring” profession. This love was fuelled because she saw deficits in school environments and training facilities for poor children. While attending high school Faith’s encounter with disadvantaged children awakened a nurturing spirit and after leaving school she continued to work with youths in an attempt to eradicate the social ills that many of them were plagued with.


Faith as a result of her experiences while attending school saw teaching as the doorway in being able to mould the minds of children and adults. She remained confident that true change can be realized through improved self-perception and getting the best out of the human mind. Her growing passion and love for women and children enticed her at a young age to notice the many challenges and difficulties that were occurring within society.

As such, being a member of society Faith became very concerned about the many social and economic challenges that plagued Guyana and got involved in annual toy drives with the Red Cross.

Through her humanitarian work with the Red Cross she was able to lend valuable support to orphans, abandoned children, and children with disabilities primarily in communities on the lower and upper East Coast communities including Mahaica, Mahaicony and West Coast Berbice. Faith’s continued love and expression of her desire to teach and assist those in need was noticed as she had indicated in several circles her strong desire to continue remaining as an educator  thereby allowing her the opportunity to contribute to nation building.

Faith viewed teaching as a necessary task and one that she loves wholeheartedly. She pointed out that teaching provided her with the unique opportunity of being able to combine her passion for academic development with her desire to see social and other ills in society being eradicated to adequately execute her job.

Faith’s introduction into politics also came at an early age through a close bond and relationship with her uncle, the late Andrew Jackson who was the president of the Post Office Telecommunication Workers Union. Her uncle played a very pivotal role in her life after her father died when she was only nine years old. Uncle Andrew as she would familiarly call him had very high values resulting in a lot of pride being instilled into her.

It was because of the influence that her uncle had that resulted in Faith recognising from the tender age that she needed to ensure that she paid attention to the way she lived and behaved if she was going to make something good of herself.

Adopting a passion for several key issues that is affecting the country and a desire to help in bringing about change to the many problems that people are faced with today, Faith has evolved into being a very strong, respectable, viable and competent candidate who continues to exhibit love, care and affection for those within our society, who are faced with many problems.

Dr. Harding’s advocacy work in the area of women and youth helped to strengthen her desire and passion for one day hoping to lead the country of her birth. Dr. Harding continues to preach that there should be increased opportunities and scope for empowerment and development for the country’s women and youths.

Because of Dr. Harding’s experience and being very well respected by members of both the PNC and PPP she continues to execute programmes and projects geared at empowering the country’s women and youth while addressing several of the social ills that plague them also.

As such, she has developed a number of policy documents which if elected she intends to implement within the first six months.

It is evident that based on her character and unbeatable qualities that she demonstrates that she is evidently a great choice for being Guyana’s next president. She holds firm to her vision that Guyana will be the food basket of the Caribbean, she has developed a number of plans and policies if elected she intends to show how this can and will be achieved.

Faith continues to recognise that several, critical programmes need to be implemented so as to ensure that this vision becomes a reality.

Campaigning on the platform for change she strongly believes that a number of the initiatives that she has muted will bring about significant development.

Some of these initiatives include bringing affordable electricity and energy to every household:


  1. Significantly reduce crimes against women and children  and incidences of domestic violence,
  2. Sexual abuse and gender-based abuse;
  3. Curb executive lawlessness and minimize the escalating levels of drug trade and trafficking that scar local communities; introduce much needed drug intervention and drug rehabilitation programs;
  4. Raise the existing minimum wage and create jobs through investments in agriculture, water resources, oil and metal mineral industries;
  5. Develop and launch training centres to enhance skills and competencies for teenagers and young adults;
  6. Maximize the richness of the Interior land for agriculture and further build the infrastructure and roadways leading to Brazil and Venezuela for more trade activities and sharing of resource development activities;
  7. Improve education through top-level teacher training, parent education and research that will make Guyanese schools more relevant and hospitable to children;
  8. Increase the health standards by implementing more community-oriented training on wellness and illness prevention methods as too many women -30-are dying in childbirth and an alarming number of children are not surviving past the age of five;
  9. Ensure that Amerindians are keenly aware of their rights to free education, access to healthcare, job creation activities, fair wages and feel included in the Guyanese society among others.


The humanitarian, politician, and academic began her professional career in the field of education where she served as a teacher for the Lexington Houses Day Care Centre in Harlem, New York. It was there that she formed a non-sexist curriculum for early childhood education and supervised classroom experiences for student teachers of Hunter College.

Despite being the mother of one, Patrick Jon, Faith continues to volunteer her time to working with women and children. For a very rare period of relaxation, Faith continues to enjoy reading, as she noted that it allows her to experience different cultures and at the same time become more informed in an array of subject areas. She also enjoys being in the company of her friends and family. She continues to credit her success and holistic development as a young woman to her mother Beryl and Uncle Andrew, who she stressed had been a constant source of encouragement and a ‘dependable’ rock to lean on in tough times.

Despite her very busy life Faith completed her advanced education at the prestigious Teachers College at Columbia University. She holds in a Master of Arts degree in curriculum and teaching, a master’s degree in education and a doctorate degree in Education. She also completed her Bachelor of Science degree in education at Mills College of Education in New York City.


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