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Work in East Timor - Southeast Asia

Flag of East TimorDr. Faith Harding spent more than a year in East Timor and held several roles with the United Nations Transitional Administration. In the office of the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Governance and Public Administration (GPA), she drove the initiation of a Gender Affairs Bureau, developed the structure of GPA, and planned relevant policies and strategies for governing East Timor. As the senior advisor on social affairs policy and management, she created national teacher performance standards and national content standards for kindergarten through secondary educational institutions. In addition, she designed the policy framework for the education sector comprising nursery through university levels. In a previous role as the Director of Capacity Building in the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (OSRSG), she prepared strategy papers for the SRSG and Cabinet members on the capacity building program; liaised with the donor support group, multilateral agencies, UN bodies, international and local non-governmental agencies.

Dr. Faith Harding, the first woman in the PNC to attempt at being the party’s presidential candidate, has been credited for her significant and ongoing contributions to a number of countries. While many are aware of her illustrious and enormous contributions in Guyana, some are not cognisant of similar contributions that she has made to other countries. As such, she continues to come in for high praises from both her colleagues in the party and foes who sits on the government benches. Many are of the firm belief that already with her name etched in the annals of Guyana’s history and the history of other countries, she would be the best to lead Guyana.


One observer noted that while East Timor was once a country torn apart because of its significant challenges and difficulties resulting in forming the axis that determined the political construct of the country and the social texture of its people, the work executed there by Dr. Harding is exceptionally commendable.

“What she has done in managing to transform a society plagued with various challenges including gender based among others to making it one of a more modern competitive, one without social upheaval or no major dislocation in a smooth seamless manner, is truly miraculous and noteworthy of her ability to be a leader,” an observer said.

The observer expressed the firm view that if Dr. Harding has achieved nothing else, “what she has done in education, gender, women and youth is truly miraculous. As a Guyanese one would be very happy because of what this accomplished Guyanese woman has done in East Timor and other parts of the world and for that I think that all should be very pleased.”

It was noted that because of Dr. Harding’s contribution was a very impactful stint in East Timor since she provided the necessary systems for education and gender development. Many citizens from East Timor who had previously migrated from their country have expressed how pleased they were after they had seen what contributions that Dr. Harding had made to their homeland.


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