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Top Ten Reasons to Elect Dr. Faith Harding

  1. She is no stranger to hard work, integrity and perseverance as she single handedly financed ninety percent of her own education costs by working at minimum two jobs while carrying a full school load. She took the implementation of the Guyana Nursery Education Programme to every single region in record time, developing curriculum and teaching aids and materials, training teachers and supervisors and setting up sample classrooms for what was a totally new concept of Early Childhood Education to Guyana.

  2. She is an advocate for social justice, has conducted comprehensive studies on economic and social issues that stifle Guyana’s progress and is very successful at building foreign policies that encourage coalition, helping people rise above pain and helplessness.

  3. She has unwavering commitment to community and economic development for Guyanese citizens that is still evident through her contributions in education, daycare, literacy, job skills training, HIV/AIDS counseling, child sexual abuse and domestic violence, support in the Tiger Bay, Hobedia, and Dem Amstel communities to name a few.

  4. She is the most qualified candidate and the only one with international governance experience gained through executive leadership positions in East Timor and Liberia , a country with 5 times more people than Guyana.

  5. She is well respected and has top reputation in the international political community and can bring real change, international investment and renewed integrity and respect back to Guyana. She has an impressive rolodex and is on a first name basis with royal heads, political leaders, presidents, industry thought leaders and business pioneers from some of the world's largest countries. 

  6. She is one of the most respected Governance Policy Advisors, sought out for advice by many of the top international agencies including The United Nations, The World Bank, US Agency for International Development, Inter American  Development Bank and UNICEF.

  7. She is intuitive, stays abreast of the ongoing challenges and successes of developing and rehabilitating a country and has been highly instrumental in delivering peacekeeping missions’ programmes in East Timor, Liberia and Sudan.

  8. She pioneered the nationalization of the Guyana Nursery Education Programme that allowed cost-free education for all children over the age of three and today it still stands as the best program in the Caribbean.

  9. Her vision and expansive platform for transforming change in Guyana includes forward-thinking initiatives that impact reducing poverty, national infrastructural development, the supply of energy and electricity mineral development, domestic violence and sexual abuse, healthcare, education, Amerindian rights, narco trade intervention and prevention, and agriculture and other product cultivation in the Interior.

  10. She is the former Minister of Public Service where she spearheaded the restructuring of the Guyana Public Service and brought about pivotal changes by decreasing operational inefficiencies, minimizing internal redundancies and increasing overall program effectiveness.


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