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Twelve Reasons for Nominating Faith A. Harding as Presidential Candidate for the PNCR

  1. I will expend my energy, special abilities and resourcefulness to assist our party in bringing greater understanding, trust, camaraderie, peace, and togetherness in our Party.

  2. I’m the most experienced candidate; having held senior leadership positions in Guyana, UN and World Bank missions in East Timor, Liberia and Sudan. All countries with more extreme violence than Guyana and with decades of war. I know how to rebuild nations and implement real democracy.

  3. I can win support for the party, to ensure its successful win at national elections, in every nook and cranny of our country and with the Guyanese Diaspora; regardless of race, creed, social background or religion.

  4. I am well respected and trusted in Guyana, the Caribbean and around the world as a person of great integrity, commitment and loyalty, competent to undertake herculean tasks successfully, creative and industrious in finding new avenues for success in national developmental tasks.

  5. I have never and will never do anything to discredit, lower the image or destroy the party, its leadership or general membership.

  6. I have been a Central Executive Member of the Party for 25 years. I have been Vice Chairman of the Party, Principal Secretary to Mr. Hoyte as Leader of the Party, Woman’s Page Editor- New Nation, Member of a Think Tank Group advising Mr. Hoyte, panelist for Press Conferences and Nation Watch Programmes. I have been a Minister for 7 years and Member of Parliament for 16 years.

  7. I understand clearly the difference between the role of the State and the role of our Party and would have no difficulty in delineating our collaborative, interactive and inclusive management of party and government in our country.

  8. I will attract financing and support for a facelift for Congress place, beautifying it with replicas of the Founder Leader whose sweat and blood led us into having this great piece of property. We will have here a world class water fountain, a garden of peace, serenity and stability along with a centre for the promotion of the arts and culture once agreed by the Congress.

  9. I have been in love with the PNC party from childhood and worked with both my dad and my mom in the Georgetown North in the Party’s early days, talking about the Founder Leader, my uncle, Mr. Andrew Jackson, who was the Second General Secretary of the Party and other leaders to everybody who would listen to me.

  10. In my later childhood and early teens I worked with my mom, Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Younge, Mrs. Griffith and other women in East Ruimveldt, West Ruimveldt, Laing Avenue and Costello Houses to distribute leaflets and talk about the goodness of the PNC.

  11. As an adult, I have been a party worker to improve the neighbourhoods in which I lived and the services to our citizens in Campbellville, Lamaha Gardens, Queenstown, South Cummingsburg with persons like Ms. Arno, Mrs. Godette, Ms. Jane Phillips Gay, Mr. Ranji Chandisingh, and a long list of party members too long to mention but who were steadfast in season and out of season in their commitment to our great party. 

  12. I would work with the leadership of the party to advance the development of each community in our country especially ensuring relevant after school training and education that would provide the skills, attitudes and responsibility for filling the productive jobs to be made available through the job creation programmes. Through an Interactive Development Strategy process, the Party membership will be encouraged to focus on community development activities for the young and especially teenagers, differently abled or challenged, the old and infirmed as well as women with special needs.



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