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What sets Dr. Faith Harding apart from the other candidates interested in becoming President of Guyana?

- her answers to your questions

Politics is about people, resources and governance and I am the most experienced interested candidate at understanding and motivating the development of these assets and factor respectively. I do believe that the vision that I have articulated for our country, my commitment to public service, and competency have and will continue to capture the abiding commitment of our citizens to elect me as their President.

I have served people, not only the citizens of our country in every nook and cranny, but I have served people the world over (Asia, Africa, Latin America, the USA and the Caribbean) in humanitarian and development capacities. 

I spent over 6 years studying to the highest level of academia about human development in the areas of education and psychology and I have worked in these fields for over 40 years.


My intimacy with both education and psychology and my expert specialization in these areas have provided me with an ability to motivate and inspire people of all ages, people with developmental challenges and backgrounds to perform, to dream of being someone great and successful, to achieve, to love their country, to want to give and share and sustain humanity as the Creator planned it. In Guyana, East Timor and Liberia where others felt that communities were too depressed, too victimized, where people lost everything but their lives, I have had the great pleasure of bringing those people hope, reconciliation with their neighbours and other villages while starting them off with livelihood projects that brought them success and development out of abject poverty.

My experience in working in our interior locations, exploring our rural areas, listening to and working with resource development and management experts, being wife and lifelong partner to a gold and diamond miner, doing the ground work, project development and negotiating with developers to re-establish and to establish key resources and their management for sustainability in countries like East Timor, Liberia and Sudan rich in oil, gold, diamonds, rubber, timber and other forestry products, put me way ahead of the others.

I have a deep grasp of the challenges and successes of bringing a country torn by long years of war or underdevelopment from off its knees to stand tall and straight as the palm tree towering over others.

With a deep respect for the rule of law, public accountability and performance, and working closely with legal luminaries the world over, I have the advantage of having led the restructuring of our own public service to administer governance with fairness, justice and respect for human dignity, and of having done the same in the creation of a governance structure and its functions in East Timor; and currently carrying out similar work in South Sudan in preparation for its Post 2011 Referendum which will decide whether it will be the newest nation of the world or not.

I have built up enviable foreign policy credentials having worked in nations around the world at a high level negotiating with donor countries and other bilateral negotiators on behalf of post conflict countries, helping to set policy in the Department of Peace Keeping Operations in the  United Nations, bringing peace through good governance and working with leading international institutions including the United Nations and the World Bank.

I have done major research studies on several social and economic issues for example, Early Childhood Development Sector Costs and Financial Sustainability in Guyana for the University of the West Indies and the International Development Bank; Analysis of Child Sexual Abuse in Guyana, for UNICEF; Evaluation of Programs for Gender Based Domestic Violence in Guyana, UNIFEM and Help and Shelter; and a host of other studies that have provided me with a clear and deep understanding of the social, emotional and economic challenges faced by the people of our nation.

My voluntary work in organizations and communities around Guyana such as in Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara, brought people relief, hope and a chance to earn productively, build a resource capacity centre and day care facilities thus releasing women and men to earn livelihoods in their own communities.

Over all, my opinion is that the President of our country has to have a clearly articulated position on where she wants to take the country.  My first and foremost view is that each citizen of Guyana deserves an opportunity to live a life filled with the hopes and aspirations that were born when we became a Republic.  Even more so, it is the responsibility of our government to institute the policies that will provide the framework in which our people operate in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.  A productive society with equal opportunity to the resources of our country, a sound education for each individual who is a citizen of this country, the ability to live free of the fear of crime, the ability to house and feed ourselves, and the ability of our nation to be a leader in regional integration and international matters are all essential to our people’s welfare.  I can take us to the place where these are as common as the waters that run through our land.

A true democracy is one which is spearheaded by a government of the people, for the people and by the people.  Our Government under my leadership will not be administered in secrecy whereby we assume the mantle of overlords and govern according to our own whims and wishes with no regard to the cries of the nation.  We will allow all our decisions to be thoroughly scrutinized by the people who we are put to serve.  We will listen to the people who we are here to serve, and we will work on their behalf.  We will ensure that basic human rights are always upheld.  We will make Guyana a true democracy.

No child can learn when they are hungry; no person can be truly productive when they are being abused; no family can build their home and enjoy the trappings of a decent society when crime is rampant; no economy can prosper where only a selected few are allowed to rape the resources of the country for themselves; no individual can reach their potential when they are being discriminated against: the list is long and quite extensive given the current state of Guyana.  We cannot hope to survive if we are to continue in this same vein and not address these matters.  The Faith Harding led government will be a responsible one where we will take concrete steps to alleviate these horrible conditions we are confronted with daily.

Guyana has to be a place of which we can be proud.  The world must look at us with a tinge of envy as we progress into the future.  I will be the President of Guyana who can take us there.  My vision, my commitment, and my competency are the critical elements that fuel my desire to serve.


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