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Feb 04

Press Conference - 100 Days Job Plan


Press Conference - 100 Days Job Plan


February 3, 2011

Dr. Faith Harding invites you to a Press Conference on Monday, February 07, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. Venue – Faith Harding Campaign Headquarters, 69 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown.

Dr. Harding will be releasing her 100 Days Job Plan detailing Foreign Investment, Entrepreneurship through Micro-Finance, Infrastructure Development, Natural Resources Development, Corruption and Austerity Measures, Tax Reform, Crime and Corruption, and other measures.

Faith Harding is running to change her party and change the direction of Guyana.  As President she’ll focus on creating jobs by increasing micro-financing, investing in our infrastructure, and using our natural resources to their fullest potential.  A lifelong crusader against poverty, Faith is fighting for greater healthcare and education for our children.  Faith wants to end the politics of division and reform government to make it more accountable, transparent and open.


Feb 04

Bi-Monthly Raffle Drawing

The Faith Harding For President Campaign, would like to thank all its supporters and volunteers for the overwhelming encouragement and support in her quest for becoming the PNCR Presidential Candidate and ultimately the next President of Guyana. Passionate supporters have donated various gifts, including a trip to Kaieteur, a return ticket to Trinidad, iPod products and other electronics. These gifts will be given out on January 31st, March 31st, May 31st and July 31st.

Those eligible to win the raffle must be registered voters and would have signed up at Faith Harding for President Campaign Events including The Awareness Jam, Town Hall Meetings and also her online supporters from www.faithharding.com and www.facebook.com/faithforpresident.

Monday January 31st will be the first drawing and the winners will come from a total selection pool of


  1. 706 The Awareness Jam registrants
  2. 136 Campaign Volunteers
  3. 300 Town Hall registrants
  4. 3700+ FaceBook supporters
Feb 04

Faith Harding launches Website

In her attempt to win the PNC Presidential bid for the opposition, Peoples National Congress, Dr. Faith Harding earlier this month launched her website. The website, www.faithharding.com is geared to keeping supporters and the public informed, educated and sensitized on activities and events leading up to the PNC Presidential nomination and also on a number of other issues of significant interest and relevance to the party.

"Dr. Harding has been a public servant of the world, having worked for The United Nations, some of its agencies and The World Bank. Many Guyanese are unaware of her leadership experience in third world countries with more extreme conditions than Guyana. www.faithharding.com gives us the avenue to share that information with Guyanese,” Head of Communications Team, Patrick Harding said.

Harding, who said that the site is geared towards ensuring her message and experience is available to all.  He said the unveiling represented the next step in a technology-savvy era for the effective execution of a campaign. The cutting edge technology used by our campaign: live video chats, weekly global conference calls, social media and SMS interaction, is only the beginning of how Dr. Harding plans on using technology to enhance the lives of our youth and connect them to the world we live in.

Jan 23

Bi-Monthly Voter Registration Raffle

Dr. Faith Harding would like to thank the five thousand Guyanese that came out in support of Registration Awareness. "We have heard your cries for change and appreciate your overwhelming support," Dr Faith Harding said in conversation with many of the attendees. The voter registration lines at Georgetown locations had more numbers than expected with many new registrants coming from the Awareness Jam with flyers urging to get registered before Dec 31st.

Still interested in registering for the monthly raffle, click here

The Dr. Faith Harding's Campaign Office is currently in the process of validating all persons who participated in the Awareness Jam Raffle, to confirm that they are registered voters. The drawing of the Raffle, which urged people to get registered to vote, will take place bi-monthly until elections, they will be done on

  • January 31st
  • March 31st
  • May 31st
  • July 31st
Jan 01

Happy and Healthy New Year Greetings

Dr. Faith HardingMy dear Supporters, Friends and Commentators,

I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year. The year two thousand and eleven is a New Year full of hope and excitement for dynamic change in Guyana.  Life in our country will start to take on a whole new meaning, brimming over with a burning desire for change in the governance of our country and our lifestyle. It will be bold and inspiring even though the challenges are great. I feel a strong sense of courage and determination among the people to get out of the morass that we are in and rise up to meet those challenges in the knowledge that God’s guidance will permeate all our thoughts and actions in this year. We will make a transition from a life of fear to act, to do the right thing or to be ingenuous to a life that demands integrity, wholesomeness, freedom, respect for human rights, decency, the rule of law, neighbourliness, joy and family life values.



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