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Feb 04

Faith Harding launches Website

In her attempt to win the PNC Presidential bid for the opposition, Peoples National Congress, Dr. Faith Harding earlier this month launched her website. The website, www.faithharding.com is geared to keeping supporters and the public informed, educated and sensitized on activities and events leading up to the PNC Presidential nomination and also on a number of other issues of significant interest and relevance to the party.

"Dr. Harding has been a public servant of the world, having worked for The United Nations, some of its agencies and The World Bank. Many Guyanese are unaware of her leadership experience in third world countries with more extreme conditions than Guyana. www.faithharding.com gives us the avenue to share that information with Guyanese,” Head of Communications Team, Patrick Harding said.

Harding, who said that the site is geared towards ensuring her message and experience is available to all.  He said the unveiling represented the next step in a technology-savvy era for the effective execution of a campaign. The cutting edge technology used by our campaign: live video chats, weekly global conference calls, social media and SMS interaction, is only the beginning of how Dr. Harding plans on using technology to enhance the lives of our youth and connect them to the world we live in.


“We must compete with the rest of the world. I have collaborated with e-learning institutions before and bringing those credible programs to Guyana is high on my education agenda. The internet has made the world flat; our intelligent minds should be challenged by the advancement in Manufacturing, Engineering and Life Sciences education curriculum, ” Faith Harding said when addressing the attendees at a town hall event.

Meanwhile, Dr. Faith Harding said that the website is expected to serve its intended purpose. "More persons are online today than ever before, whether at work, home or on the go and so I am confident that the messages will reach its target," she said. "With Guyanese at home and aboard being able to follow my campaign online, allows more persons to get an opportunity to view my agenda so as to make a true determination as to whether they support me or not. More importantly, I get the chance to reveal to the Guyanese at home and abroad what they can expect from my nomination as I believe that it is important to be accountable to the people."

Dr. Harding, who has worked in both public and private sector is also recognized internationally for her work among women and youth, continues to express confidence in winning the presidential nomination for the PNC.

She said that the public should log in and follow her campaign adding that every detail of the campaign would be revealed on www.faithharding.com and www.facebook.com/faithforpresident


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