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Feb 04

Bi-Monthly Raffle Drawing

The Faith Harding For President Campaign, would like to thank all its supporters and volunteers for the overwhelming encouragement and support in her quest for becoming the PNCR Presidential Candidate and ultimately the next President of Guyana. Passionate supporters have donated various gifts, including a trip to Kaieteur, a return ticket to Trinidad, iPod products and other electronics. These gifts will be given out on January 31st, March 31st, May 31st and July 31st.

Those eligible to win the raffle must be registered voters and would have signed up at Faith Harding for President Campaign Events including The Awareness Jam, Town Hall Meetings and also her online supporters from www.faithharding.com and www.facebook.com/faithforpresident.

Monday January 31st will be the first drawing and the winners will come from a total selection pool of


  1. 706 The Awareness Jam registrants
  2. 136 Campaign Volunteers
  3. 300 Town Hall registrants
  4. 3700+ FaceBook supporters


The winners will be announced online at www.faithharding.com, www.facebook.com/faithforpresident and through other Guyana media outlets.

Registration will continue, so supporters are encouraged to sign up for future raffle drawings via the following methods


  1. Go to the Campaign Headquarters at 69 Brickdam Stabroek, Georgetown (next to GT&T)
  2. Enroll with a Dr. Faith Harding Campaign Volunteer in your neighborhood.
  3. Fill out your information on the website Volunteer page, www.faithharding.com/volunteer and check the "Register for Bi-Monthly Raffle (Only) box"


Faith Harding is running to change her party and change the direction of Guyana.  As President she’ll focus on creating jobs by increasing micro-financing, investing in our infrastructure, and using our natural resources to their fullest potential.  A lifelong crusader against poverty, Faith is fighting for greater healthcare and education for our children.  Faith wants to end the politics of division and reform government to make it more accountable, transparent and open.



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Dr. Faith wants to understand your issues and share her vision with you. Host an event in your town and she will answer your questions directly! Join supporters in Berbice, Longcreek & Goed In-Tent and Volunteer to Host an Event TODAY!


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Follow the Press coverage of Dr. Faith's campaign. She is dedicated to fighting for All Guyanese.


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