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Dec 08

Dr Faith Harding to kick off campaign in Washington

from Guyana Times

People’s National Congress Reform ( PNCR) presidential candidate hopeful Dr Faith Harding will kick off her campaign in Washington on December 18, she said on Tuesday. At the event, Dr Harding will be raising funds to support her campaign. Dr Harding will be battling other contenders, including economist and former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge, Brigadier ( retired) David Granger, and attorney- at- law and parliamentarian Basil Williams.


At the Washington event, she said, several issues pertinent to Guyana will be discussed. The event will be held at Savor Restaurant at 2406 18th St NW, Washington DC, and is being organised by the North American arm of Harding’s campaign. Issues to be addressed are Guyana’s political process, crime, corruption, education, business opportunities, the local economy, and quality of life. Special guest speaker is expected to be Maureen Bunyan, an inductee into the Hall of Fame of the Washington Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. A similar event is planned for December 19 at the Steiner Studios, Stage 6, 15 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11205.


In a recent interview, Dr Harding, a senior policy advisor to the World Bank and executive member of the PNCR, told Guyana Times that she possesses all of the necessary skills, qual ifications and leadership abilities to be president of Guyana. She also expressed confidence that voters and PNCR members would support her as president. “ The Guyanese population is sufficiently astute and sophis ticated not to consider gender when they choose their leaders...” Dr Harding, who was a former public service minister and member of parliament, said that, regardless of the internal challenges of the PNCR, it remains “ one of the most viable and influ ential forces in the political landscape of Guyana”. During the interview, Dr Harding explained that were she to be elected head of the PNCR, and eventually president of Guyana, emphasis would be placed on fighting corruption, all forms of discrimination, crime, narco- trafficking and the underground economy.

She said that change can be had if all leaders, especially those who hold pub lic office, “ lead by example”. Harding strongly believes that if more focus is placed on these areas, Guyana’s development and progress would be secured. She does not believe that enough is presently being done to fight crime, explaining that a more comprehensive and detailed approach is needed in that respect.

Dr Harding has more than 40 years’ experience in the fields of psychology and education. She holds a doctorate in education, and has given more than two decades of service to the PNCR when it was in and out of government. Harding has worked in Asia, Latin America, USA, and the Caribbean, holding several offices in key developmen tal projects.

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