Dec 31

Faith Harding barred from GDF Old Year's Ball

from Demerara Waves

Faith Harding barred from GDF Old Year's BallPresidential candidate hopeful of the main opposition Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR), Faith Harding on Thursday announced that she has been blocked from attending the Guyana Defence Force Old Year’s Night Ball.

She said that it was the second-in-command of the GDF who told her that she would not be allowed to purchase tickets for the event.

Harding related to the media that the high-ranking military officer had relayed the message from the Chief of Staff, Commodore Gary Best that now she is campaigning she would not be allowed to attend the Ball.

“This is the sort of immaturity that Guyana needs to get over,” she told reporters after hinting at her exclusion from the event in her remarks to launch her campaign office. was told that whenever general election season approaches or there are similar political events, the army is mindful of not creating any impression of favoritism.  The largely African Guyanese-dominated security services are considered PNCR strong-holds.

So far, three senior members of the governing Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPPC)- including the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran and Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee are seeking their party’s approval to become its presidential candidate.

Coming from the PNCR are Dr. Harding; Retired Brigadier, David Granger, Dr. Richard Vanwest Charles, possibly Carl Greenidge, among others.

Harding also expressed concern at the absence of the other candidates and party officials who were invited to the opening of her campaign office.

Addressing more than 2,000 people at a musical event at the Square of the Revolution on Wednesday night, she promised improvements to health, education, electricity and physical infrastructure including a rail and road network leading to neighbouring Venezuela and Brazil.,

Harding, a former Public Service Minister in the Desmond Hoyte-led administration, also punctuated parts of her speech at the Square with references to her international experiences in conflict-affected Liberia and Sudan.

She also promised to install video-conferencing facilities at the Office of the President to involve and engage Guyanese here and in the Diaspora in national decision-making.